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Gudex LLC (hereinafter referred to as Gudex, the Contractor, We) provides messaging, task management, and other services to users around the world through the People Do service (hereinafter referred to as the Service, Application). Read the terms of use of the Application set forth in this User Agreement.

By registering, installing or using our Application, services, functions, software or website or accessing them, the User (hereinafter - you) freely, by his own free will and in his interests, gives his written consent to the processing of Personal Data, and also accepts in full to the extent of the conditions for the provision of services regarding the processing of Personal Data established by this Privacy Policy (hereinafter - the Policy).

We at Gudex understand and acknowledge that your privacy is important to you and that you care about how your data is collected, stored and processed. The purpose of this agreement, among other things, is to provide a transparent explanation of the legal basis for the collection and processing of your Personal Data by us, to determine the categories of Personal Data, to agree on the purposes and types of processing.

1. Terms and Definitions
Website - the content of Internet pages located on the Internet at the domains,, including subfolders and subdomains.

App - software for mobile devices with operating systems iOS and Android, located in the AppStore and GooglePlay, which are the official applications of the People Do project, which is confirmed by the authorship of Gudex LLC.

Services, Service - a collective term denoting both the website and the Application.

User - a person who has passed the registration procedure on the Service. I.e. persons , who voluntarily filled all the necessary information through the registration form and the profile filling form.

Users, Members - any registered Users of People Do Services.

Personal data, Information - means any information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person, in our case it is any User of the Service.

Personal Account, Profile - the section of the Service, which contains all Personal information provided by the user personally. And also in the personal account, the User manages (changes, supplements, deletes) the provided Personal Information.
2. General Provisions
Gudex provides messaging, task management, and other services to users around the world. In accordance with the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 No. 152-ФЗ "О персональных данных", for the purposes specified in clause 4 of this Policy, you consent to the Contractor to carry out with all Personal Data left by you on the Services during registration or subsequent use, any actions or combinations of actions (operations), including:
●      collection;
●      recording;
●      systematization;
●      storage;
●      clarification (update, change);
●      extraction;
●      using;
●      transmission (distribution, provision, access);
●      depersonalization;
●      blocking;
●      removal;
●      destruction,

for the purposes established by this Policy, using automation tools or without using such tools.

All processing takes place in order to fulfill our obligations to the User if and only if the User has given his consent (by accepting the terms of this Policy).

3. Collection and processing of Personal information
We receive Personal data of users from the registration form, from the Personal Account page on the Service, from other Users from the contact book of your phone.

Personal data in this Policy means:
●      Information that the User provides about himself independently during registration or authorization, as well as in the process of further use of the Service;
●      Data that is transmitted automatically, depending on the settings of the User's software, in an impersonal form.

We have the right to establish requirements for the composition of the User's Personal Data, which must be provided for using the Service. If certain information is not marked as required, then you provide or disclose it at your discretion.

We protect your Personal Information in accordance with internationally recognized standards, using reasonable physical, technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration.

We allow access to Personal Data only to those of our employees or contractors and only to the extent that is necessary to perform their official or service duties. Working with them is governed by separate contractual relations establishing responsibility for access to Personal Data. Our experts are trained in personal information management procedures, including restrictions on information disclosure, and maintain a general data privacy policy.

4. Data composition and purpose of their use
Basic account information
To provide communication services during registration, we use the User's phone number. By using your phone number on the registration form and in the user profile, you confirm that you have the right to use it.

In order for our Users to find each other, create chats and use other functions of the Services, we also collect the User's Name and Surname, city of residence, Specialty, e-mail.

We do not verify the accuracy of the Personal Information provided, believing that you are acting in good faith, with prudence and make every reasonable effort to keep such information up to date. But People Do reserves the right at any time to present to the information posted by Users in the profile of their accounts, requirements related to clarification, visual presentation and data structuring.

List of contacts
To organize communication with other members of the Services, you regularly provide us with access to the phone numbers stored in the address book of your mobile phone. By this action, you confirm that you have the right to provide these numbers and agree to submit them.

We store the last contacts of the User in order to notify you in time as soon as one of your contacts registers on the Service. In addition, you can use the “Invite Friends” function to independently invite any person from your phone book to communicate on the Service.

We only store the contact's name and phone number and do not use them for other purposes than those specified.

People Do will additionally ask for the right to access the phone book immediately at the moment of the first access to it. At this moment, you can deny access to this Information, having lost access to the above functionality. You can restore access to the phone book in the settings of your mobile phone.

People Do is only an information exchange service and is in no way responsible for its accuracy and relevance.
The User is solely responsible for the compliance of the content of the Content posted by the User with the requirements of current legislation, including liability to third parties in cases where the User's posting of such Content or its content violates the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, including the personal non-property rights of the authors, other intellectual rights of third parties persons, and / or infringes on their intangible benefits.

So that you can access your information at any time and from any device, all information is stored on cloud servers. This allows you to reduce the risk of losing information, not being tied to a device, avoiding the procedure for transferring information between devices and the need for you to constantly monitor backups yourself.

Ensuring continuous access to operational information is one of our basic principles that determines the technical solutions we choose.

To improve the quality of service and security, we entrust the processing of this data to specialized, controlled services. Thereby keeping the level of encryption and data storage internationally.

The world around us is constantly changing, and our Services must quickly adapt and improve to the changing environment. This is the only way we can remain useful to you.

To do this, we collect, store and process diagnostic and statistical information related to the services provided. This is information collected using automation tools. This data category includes such information as: frequency and volume of interactions between users, frequency and duration of being online, used access devices, failures and their characteristics.

The information is needed only for internal use and for the purpose of improving the quality of the Services and eliminating all possible technical problems.
In particular, this allows you to significantly reduce the waiting time for Users when contacting the Support Service.

We also use cookies for the purposes of identifying Users and performing other services of the Services. We do not use cookies for advertising.

5. Availability of Personal Information
By signing this Policy, you consent to the transfer of your Personal Data to third parties. We do not transfer the Personal Data of our Users to third parties, except for the cases and purposes mentioned in this Policy.
We are not responsible for the confidentiality and / or use of your publicly available Personal Data by third parties.

At the same time, the Service prohibits:
●      Introduce yourself by someone else's name. Mislead Users and the administration of the Service regarding their identification in any other way;
●      Post deliberately false information;
●      Post and / or transmit, using the Service, materials, if the User does not have the appropriate rights to do so. This applies to materials protected by copyright, trademarks, patents, as well as non-proliferation agreements, confidentiality and the like;
●      Print or otherwise copy and use Personal data of other users;
●      Use information about phone numbers, postal addresses, e-mail addresses and any other Personal Data for purposes other than the subject of the Service;
●      Register using someone else's e-mail address, or an address to which the Applicant does not have the right to use it in this way.

General information
Any People Do User can see your Profile, which is publicly available Personal data: avatar, first and last name, city, specialty.
People Do users from your phone book will also see your phone number, unless otherwise specified in your profile's privacy settings.
Preventing violations of the law
We may transfer Personal Data in response to a request for information if we believe that disclosure is necessary to:
●      execution of court orders or requests from government agencies in accordance with applicable laws or regulations;
●      execution of court orders or requests from government agencies in accordance with applicable laws or regulations;
●      identifying, investigating, preventing and suppressing fraudulent and other illegal activities, eliminating security breaches and technical problems;
●      protect the rights, property and safety of our users.

To the extent permitted by law, we will endeavor to provide you with advance notice before disclosing your information in response to such a request.

User Security

We may share Data if we believe it is necessary to protect the vital interests of the data subject i.e. to prevent imminent serious personal injury or death.

Protecting our policies and rights
We may share Data if we believe that your actions are not in accordance with our Policy, rules or other Gudex agreements, or to protect the rights, property and safety of ourselves and others.

We will provide you with advance notice before disclosing your information under this article.

External partners
We may share Data with vendors, consultants and other service providers to perform processing operations necessary to fulfill our obligation to provide you with our services. For example, we use the error log storage system to quickly resolve user problems or system errors.

Data transfer includes cross-border transfer.

Among our partners are:
●      Analytical data collection systems: Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica, Yandex AppMetrica, Firebase;
●      Bug tracking systems: Sentry, Amazon CloudWatch;
●      Data storage and processing: Amazon Web Services.

We do not work with advertisers.

We take all possible steps to keep your Data safe. As part of these activities, the use of Personal Data by partners is subject to appropriate confidentiality and security measures. However, we are not responsible for the procedure for using the User's Personal Data by third parties with whom the User interacts within the framework of using the Application and / or the Service.

6. Storage time of Personal information
Your Personal Data will be stored for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes for which we received it, unless the owner of the Personal Data (User) specifies otherwise.

When determining the required shelf life, we take into account:
●      Amount of Personal Data. We strive to minimize the amount of information as much as possible for each specific purpose;
●      The nature of the Personal Data, depending on the purpose they serve;
●      Potential risk of harm as a result of unauthorized use or disclosure of your data. We continue to conduct risk assessments and risk mitigation measures to minimize this potential risk, including outsourcing data management and protection;
●      The purposes for which we process your Personal Data, and whether we can achieve these goals in other ways.

7. User rights in relation to Personal data
Work communications are closely related to your credible representation on the Service. We provide the following ways to manage our Data.

Profile change
To register on the service, you must provide your mobile phone number. If you replace it, you can always change it to the current one in your personal account.
There you can also change your Name, Surname, profile photo, specialization, city.

Account deleting

You can always delete your account by sending a request to
After deleting your account, you lose access to the Services. We delete all information from your personal account.

Other Service Users who have information about you before the account is deleted will continue to have access to it (including copies of messages). Deleting an account does not delete the history of correspondence with you from other users.
Controlling Access to Personal Data
Each User of the Service has the right
●      to object to the processing of Personal Data and to demand a ban on their processing if the processing was carried out unlawfully, for purposes not specified in this Policy or in the absence of the need for such processing;
●      revoke your consent to the processing of Personal Data at any time. Such withdrawal will not affect the legality of the processing of Personal Data, which was carried out before the withdrawal of consent. Withdrawal of consent to processing may lead to the inability of the Contractor to provide its Services and unilateral termination of the service agreement by the Contractor;
●      upon request, receive information about the collection and use of his Personal Data;
●      have access to your Personal Data and correct or supplement it in order to maintain the accuracy and relevance of the data.

As the owner of Personal Data, you have the above rights and you can exercise any of them at any time. To do this, you need to send a corresponding request in a free form to We undertake to promptly respond to any such inquiries within 30 days in accordance with established law.
In some cases, in order to process such requests, we may ask you to go through the identification procedure. This is necessary to exclude the interference of third parties in the work of your account.

8. Change of agreement, our contacts
Any changes we make to our Privacy Policy in the future will be posted on Our app and on the Website. If necessary, we will inform you of the changes the next time you visit our Service.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on December 01, 2020.

We welcome any questions, comments or queries you may have regarding this Policy. If you would like to make an inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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