Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

Application № 2 of end-user licence agreement

Technical support service of PeopleDo.Net helps resolve user concerns outlined in this document in accordance with this Service Level Agreement.

This Agreement is an integral part of the User Agreement and determines the procedure and conditions for providing the Customer with technical support in relation to the services provided by the Service.

In all other respects that are not provided for by the terms of this Agreement, the Parties are guided by the terms of the User Agreement.

Technical support service – system of registration and accounting of User applications, which serves to eliminate incidents, consultations, change the composition and / or scope of the service PeopleDo.Net.

Incident – any event that is not part of the standard (regular) use of the Service, which led or could lead to the interruption or inability to use the Service by the user.
Request – the user's message about the Incident or a request for consultation received by the Support Service and corresponding to its functions.
Scheduled maintenance work – a set of preventive works to maintain the good condition of equipment, network, engineering systems and infrastructure of the Service.
Urgent works  – a set of unscheduled works that must be carried out promptly to eliminate or prevent emergencies and malfunctions of equipment, networks, engineering systems and the infrastructure of the Service.
Reaction time – the period of time from the receipt of the Request until the receipt of written confirmation of acceptance, qualification of the Request, and the start of work on it.
Resolution time – the period of time from the receipt of the Request until the completion of the task, elimination of the problem or proposal of an alternative solution to the problem / problem specified in the Request.

3.Terms of technical support.
3.1 Support service functions

The support service advises and fixes errors within the functionality of the system.

In particular:
●    Chat;
●    Task-manager;
●    Contacts;
●    Registration and authorization.
3.1.1 Minimum requirements for the User device to use the Service

Mobile App:
Android 7 и выше
iOS 12 и выше

Chrome current version
Safari 12 and higher
Firefox 78.6esr and higher

3.2 Сategories of Requests
    Bug – Request for restoration of access and / or normal (regular) functioning of the service and all its functions.
    Consultation – Request for the provision of information related to the functionality of the system.
    New functionality – A recommendatory request for changing the functionality of the system.
    Other – Type of request that doesn't fall under the standard classification

3.3 Priorities
  High – The problem entails a significant loss of the System's performance. Critical functions of the System become unavailable and there is no applicable workaround. Including complete loss of System performance.
    Medium – The problem entails an insignificant loss of service performance, which results in inconvenience in work or the need to use workarounds.
    Low – This problem does not entail a loss of the Service's performance. This is a minor error or inconvenience, an error in the documentation, etc., which does not interfere with the operation of the Service.

3.4 Support Service Working Hours
The support service works from 10:00 to 17:00 UTC + 3 on weekdays. Every official working day of the week is considered as a weekday, excluding public holidays and weekends.

3.5 Guaranteed maximum terms of requests processing

Technical support cannot guarantee a fixed period for resolving the problem.

Circumstances that may delay or even interrupt the process of solving the problem:

●    Lack of information required to solve the problem;
●    Timeliness and completeness of user responses;
●    The problem cannot be reproduced using a similar configuration of the Service;
●    The question is outside the scope of technical support;
●    Incorrect, incomplete or misleading information provided by the user;
●    The need to prepare and release a software update;
●    Current workload of technical support specialists;
●    Obscene language and insults of PeopleDo.Net technical support staff.

Nevertheless, we guarantee the following reaction time to the request:

Category                      Service time            Processing time (hrs)
Access problem /         Working hours                             24
work-blocking error

Error                               Working hours                            24

Consultation                 Working hours                             48

Suggestion /                 Working hours                            120

Only one problem can be solved in one request.

Issues that can’t be resolved in the context of the current software version are sent to the development department, which means that the fix will be included in a subsequent update. The planned date for the release of software updates is determined when the problem is diagnosed in accordance with the general development plan.

4. Procedure for submitting Requests
The basis for starting the work of the support service is the User's application - Request.
Request can be created:
●    via “People Do” online chat directly in PeopleDo.Net;
●    via contacting
Questions asked through other channels (phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype) are not official Requests to the technical support service, and this Agreement does not apply to them. They can only be used for general consultations. If necessary, we will be adding channels for submission of Requests.
For the fastest possible solution, the submitted Request must correctly formulate the problems and issues to be solved. To do this, the user transmits:
●    login (phone number) of the account on which the problems are observed;
●    functionality where the problem occurred (chat, tasks, contacts, login);
●    under what circumstances the problem occurs;
●    operating system and browser used;
●    app screenshots are desirable.
The information necessary and missing for work can be requested by the support service additionally.
After receiving and considering the Request in the technical support service, the user receives a notification about the status of the application and its identification number.
The identification number will help quickly get information about the status and progress of the task.
The result of the work depends on the composition of the Request itself. This can be: consultation, screenshots showing the order of actions, links to the FAQ, changes in the structure of the service, or notifications about when these changes will be made.

5. Change of agreement, our contacts.

Any changes that we make to this Agreement in the future will be posted on our application and on the Website. If necessary, we will inform you of the changes the next time you visit our Service.

Any changes to this Agreement shall enter into force immediately after publication on the Website and in the Mobile Application of the Service.

This version of the User Agreement was updated on December 9, 2020.

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